Answers to Common Questions

Our fast, professional technicians will fix it right the first time. Guaranteed.

Same or next day service.

We provide service for all makes and brands and carry a large assortment of parts right on our service vehicles.

Call us any time at 530-544-3090 in California or 775 782-8976 in Nevada. Our phone system will even handle your call after hours; just leave a message and someone will call you shortly.

Q: Can you help with a replacement or installation of a new appliance?
A: Yes, Pioneer Appliance Repair can install new appliances provided by our customers.

Q: How do I change the belt on my washer?
A: Although it is different by brand, our technicians are familiar with all types of machines and can easily get the job done.

Q: My appliance is making a loud beeping noise. What should I do?
A: Try to unplug the machine if you can easily access the power cord. If not, turn off the circuit breaker, contact us and we will be right out to determine and resolve the issue.

Q: Do you service the brands that the box stores sell under warranty?
A: A lot of times an arrangement can be made with the retailer for the reimbursement of your repairs paid by you to us if they do not have a warranty service person available for your more urgent or emergency needs.

Q: How much does it cost to come out to my home?
A: Cost may vary slightly do to geographical areas or appliance types, but we will give you a detailed idea of charges before any work is performed. Our rates are not just competitive, but quite reasonable when considering the high cost of newer appliances.

Q: Can you come when I’m not home?
A: Of course we can, many of our home owners are very busy or out of area. We are willing to do what it takes to resolve the issue during your absence.

Q: I have a dog. Is that OK?
A: Our service men are very pet friendly and love pets, they will have no issues accommodating your pet during service.

Should I just try and do it myself?

No, please call us before you have gone too far!